The Summit Production Process

Here is the complete production process Summit Studios utilizes to create high-quality product.

  1. Network

  2. Evaluate

  3. Task

  4. Review

  5. Strategize

  6. Execute

  7. Review

  8. Implement

  9. Test

  10. Launch

At Summit Studios, we have high standards to create high quality work for Roblox, and with that comes a lot of integrated causes for identifying dynamics and correspondence with a network of partners to achieve impact and definition.

  • It starts with a clear vision, contextualizing around the resistance, problem, and solution.

  • Once a clear visual exists for what to focus on, we discuss strategy and ways for how it can be done.

  • Then we list out all the tasks and assign leads, roles, and priorities to set a clear course of action.

  • We then get to work, logging developmental progress in the channels that make sense with the intended topic.

  • Upon comment and review for each other's work, we further our feedback with sneak peaks, and QA Testers.

  • Standards get updated and we reference the original source as a way to go from original to consistent model, script, module, ect.

  • Then we define a feasible scope for what is to be completed as quickly and thoroughly as possible; creating a meta location for the project listing future potential for next round's iteration which can be used as another marketing opportunity.

  • Encouraging and requiring certain metrics depending on the task, game, app, or other project so that the objective is understood by those involved from value, payment and adjusting to how it works.

  • Once all of that is said and done, we go back to the source and discuss what we did, what we liked, and what we didn't like capturing all of that feedback and putting it where it belongs.

Summit Studios is a research and development company, we practice and learn new techniques whenever we choose to involve ourselves for the intended cause, purpose, passion.

  • Ideation

  • Pre-Design

  • Design Architecture

  • Build Production

  • Functional

  • Metrics

With all of that in mind, we originate content creation and move to publish the works to the live version of the game.

The game serves as a way to synchronize and play to celebrate the hard work, and socialize with the many players on the platform.

Summit Studios believes that the legal process is an adaptive and reasonable procedure where contacts refer to the very Studio environment itself to evaluate value and to determine ownership, control, and possession for each object inside the game, company, and partnership.

Marketing and promoting what was done is completed by referring to the developer log channels and pairing simple phrases with eye catching in-game content, sometimes for aesthetic appeal we will render sets that are possible to achieve in-game for higher level productions.

That's it, there you have it the Summit Studios production process from start to finish.

Thank you for reading and we hope this serves you and your networks well.

With reverence and respect,

Simbuilder | CEO and Founder Summit Studios

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