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Vehicle Simulator's virtual Urban environment lays the groundwork for exploration, scalability, and has realistic implications, and designs.


The city is heavily inspired by Los Angeles, New York, Denver, and Phoenix.

We will simulate traffic on a digital scale.


With data we can test proposed traffic solutions, outlining  the scope, estimating the cost, and gaining structural player feedback.

Through demonstration we can spread ideas through our virtual world, and rapidly make changes to help meet a rapidly evolving way of life.

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Vehicle Simulator's virtual Rural environment simulates the growth of fruit and vegetables.

Inside the game, there are jobs to grow, harvest, and transport produce to businesses and homes that need it.

We're able to imagine and test theoretical layouts, and machines with player feedback.

We educate players who are curious about farms, providing resource playlists, and expanding them into our omnipresent settlement place.



Vehicle Simulator's virtual environment allows us to visualize and demonstrate infrastructure. Players can learn about how things work which in turn prepares them for the real world.

Inside the game, we're able to put our theories to the test, supported with data such as how many people use it and because it's a video game, we're able to do rapid development on these theories.

We're able to imagine and test theoretical layouts, and  systems with player feedback.

We educate players who are curious about farms, providing resource playlists, and expanding them into our omnipresent settlement place.

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Metaverse Subway

Connect to an exclusive high traffic player base.

The idea is simple. The value is long term. Easy to apply.

Connect the Town and City genre on Roblox to a centralized subway loop.

This gives players quick access to other collaborating and competiting games. 

This process is more difficult to manage than it seems, though this initiative takes out the heavy lifting so Developers can have more stability and worry less about maintaining traffic and marketing jobs.

Apply in this Google Form, it's managed by the Developers of the participating games with a log to make sure nothing suspicious happens.


What's the plan?

The beginning of something beautiful.

As you play, you're participating in a harmless experiment to explore an overview of the real world and the applications from both natural and civil design concepts.

Your helping demonstrates models that can have real-world implications using exposure, data, and analytics.

Connecting with food growth and supply chains with abstractions to help educate.

This makes it our job as players and developers to be well diversified in critical thinking, philosophy, and culture.

We the people must offer insight and feedback to make the games and Roblox as a whole a prosperous and liberated community.

Our plan is to accelerate ideas and models for the benefit of social and economic structures that are prevalent in and outside of society.

In making the games, we're inspired by natural and civil accomplishments.

We're designing and building a game about life to inspire and innovate new frontiers.

We advocate for change and seek to educate using key principles found in the individual and the universe as a whole.